Saturday, December 22, 2007

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Anagrafe - Carte d'identità
Via Caduti di Marzabotto 25 - 47900 Rimini
0541 704789
0541 704773
da lunedì a venerdì 8.15-13; giovedì 8.15-17

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* essere residenti nel comune di Rimini;
* aver compiuto 15 anni di età;
* 3 foto formato tessera, tutte uguali e recenti;
* documento di identità personale valido o 2 testimoni muniti di documento di riconoscimento.
Italiani non residenti :
Gli italiani non residenti nel comune di Rimini, possono rivolgersi solo alla sede centrale dell'anagrafe, poiché in questo caso è necessario richiedere il nulla-osta al comune di residenza. Il rilascio del documento non è immediato.

International calls

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3) Stay on the line. Don't hang up! In a few seconds your friend will join you back on the call.

2) Ask your friend to call you back. Tell them to use the number shown on their phone screen.

1) Call your friend on their Rebtel number.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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No wonder so many users are clinging to XP like shipwrecked sailors to a life raft, while others who made the upgrade are switching back. And when the fastest Vista notebook PC World has ever tested is an Apple MacBook Pro, there's something deeply wrong with the universe.

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Vista: update to avoid

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KB931573: corregge un problema che genera richieste di
attivazione non previste per copie preinstallate ed integra funzionalità
"anti-crack". Si tratta del secondo aggiornamento per il nuovo sistema che
integra modifiche "anti-pirateria".
KB929391: rilasciato dal colosso per rilevare e "bloccare" le
copie manomesse, definite "frankenbuild", cioè che tentano di bypassare il
sistema di attivazione "mischiando" file delle versioni di test a quelli della
build RTM finale.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Make up a new computer with less than 500 euros

here the main steps:
  • figure out what are the goals the new machine must meet.
  1. Rendering faster: CPU
  2. Better video and games graphics: GPU
  3. LCD monitor
  4. faster and cheaper RAM
  5. OSX86 Leo compatible
  • Create the knowledge from web sources and put down on a wiki
  • Collect all the hardware required
  1. find best prices on shopping search engine (kelkoo, froogle)
  2. look for special offers in trusted sites
  3. search for offers in stores nearby
This post is gonna be expanded through this blog, kaboodle and a wiki

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SolidWorks 2008, keeps on crashing...

SW customer care employee told me the issue could be a corruption in the registry, it might be happened during the SP-1 upgrade.
Then in REGEDIT, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER, rename the Solidworks' entries folder.
Next time Solidworks is loaded a new entries' folder has being created with defaults values: now i need to test it out looking for further crashes.
In case of registry entries to be blamed for crashing Solidworks

Windows Vista Ultimate DVD OEM

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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x86 DVD Integrated November 2007		

If this i the cracked version vista will found it self genuine! And ofcourse download updates and so on.

If it isn't cracked just download this:

it still work.

And please stop comment "Seeeeed"


just a warning guys, it does work but when i installed and updated microsoft added a fix to prevent cracked copys i.e it will stop you from runnin ur comp comes up with error ROYAL.sys and u get locked out of ur system only way ive found to fix is reinstall. this is just a warning though might not happen to u guys but i just thought id let ya know

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Win Network: Quality of Service

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QoS is short for "Quality of Service". This is a relatively broad subject that can be implemented in a number of different ways. Note that a complete QoS solution includes a technique and application for all of the following needs:

  • Traffic Classification
  • Priority Queuing
  • Bandwidth Management (Reservation and Rate Limiting)
  • Vista Networking Stack

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    Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 contain a brand new networking stack, named Next Generation TCP/IP stack,[1] which brings large improvements in all areas of network-related functionality.[2] It includes native implementation of IPv6, as well as complete overhaul of IPv4. The new TCP/IP stack uses a new method to store configuration settings that enables more dynamic control and does not require a computer restart after settings are changed. The new stack, implemented as a dual stack model, is based on a strong host model and features an infrastructure to enable more modular components that can be dynamically inserted and removed.

    Firefox 3beta Portable release

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    Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition is available packaged with Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1, allowing you to test all the latest features in the upcoming version without disrupting your current Firefox installation. Please note that Firefox 3 Beta 1 is a developer preview release of Mozilla's next generation Firefox browser and is being made available for testing purposes only. If you're looking for the stable version, please head to the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition homepage.

    TCP Optimizer - Latency

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    This tool can be used to effectively estimate the maximum anticipated latency
    for BDP/RWIN calculations. In order to do that, we recommend using a larger
    number of hosts than the default 5, and a larger packet size (since larger
    packets tend to have a bit higher latency). Then, as an estimate of your maximum
    anticipated latency, rather than using the Maximum RTT, use the average RTT,
    multiplied by two.

    Open-source software

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    VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP), licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images.

    SonyVegas Howto:2

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    To register without them collecting you IP adress (mine is static) go offline and then try to register. You will be asked of an activitation code, simply enter this from a keygen (found one here on piratebay).

    When I used the keygen, I also needed to change the serial number since the activation code algorithm uses your machine ID and serial number.
    SonyVegas Howto

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    It works thank you so much planetmaster.

    for noobs like me! a short guide:
    1. install mediamanager23_enu
    2. install VegasPro80a-
    3. run SonyVegas
    4. register via another computer, do not put your real personal info and give a working e-mail (i made a bogus one, free accounts from yahoo will do)
    5. an HTML file from Sony will save, choose to save anywhere on your computer
    6. don't close your Vegas
    7. Click on HTML file, you will be directed to Sony's registration page: add other info (not real ones)
    8. An e-mail will be sent to your account shortly after, literally within seconds
    9. copy and paste authentication code on your vegas from sony's e-mail

    10. vegas 8 will launch shortly after, VOILA!

    Thanks again PlanetMaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Videolan Subtitles

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    Select a subtitles file under Windows or Linux
    You can then select the subtitles file by clicking the
    Browse button. You can also set a few options like
    character encoding, alignment and size. The delay option allows you to delay
    the subtitles against the video if they are not in sync. If they are
    not at the same speed, you might also want to adjust the subtitles

    Video Editing

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    A non-linear editing system (NLE) is a video editing (NLVE) or audio editing (NLAE) system which can perform random access on the source material.

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    How to Digg into Democracy

    1_Internet connections must be a standard and Internet usage should be taught in secondary schools

    2_every citizen should sign up as they should go vote for elections

    3_every citizen must browse the site at least once a week

    4_digg-like system manages items posted daily by parliament and private citizens.; items that make the way up to the main page should be considered by representatives and public.

    5_ all systems must be under encrypted protection.

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    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    weird windows behavior in XP

    First I gotta say I love Macs but lack of dedicated software is the real drawback so im on a windows machine right now... that's why comes this short guide! Sometimes when i shut down XP leaving Windows manages quitting all the opened programs, i ran into trouble next time I load those programs: it happens cos windows writes weird values on pref files about programs location on the desktop. I found useful backup the application data, then load the program to generate a new pref folder; looking in this folder I got just few basic pref files instead of dozens in my backed up one. then try to figure out geometry position values and copy paste the new ones in the old configuration file; just restore the backup folder and it should work now.

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    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    managing a project online

    it's a while by now I'm looking for a online solution able to do more or the same as creating Gantt charts, sending emails, sharing spreadsheets and docs.
    so far I found wikis the best replacement for word docs as they are actually made for collaborations.
    Meanwhile typing I'm trying out; they offer wysiwyg editor and many plugins for chatting, calendar and so on
    Zoho wiki doesn't have plugins but a nice sidebar housing  navigation, recent changes and most important a wiki's links index sorting out all links posted in the wiki.
    Writeboards, a satellite service, does what the name suggests; there's nothing about advanced features and wysiwyg editor; but Writeboards are even embedded in Basecamp project therefore easier to access from project homepage.

    But this post was about online project managment so, here they are:

    Basecamp has all the features but not specific date/time settings for tasks and i don't like how render the overview and upcoming activities.

    Zoho just lacks an embedded wiki to be quite perfect; i like how task, milestones and dashboard are organized, like in a real Gantt. they also offer private forums and meetings manager in the 'social' side.

    Goplan seems programming oriented but it is well packed for anyone; the important limitation on free accounts is 4 team member while others give unlimited.

    my personal choice combines to keep up with tasks and people, with to track progress, report, knowledge base.

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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    spend less phoning more people (and more...)

    im gonna put down few lines about a bunch of new startups have been joining the tlc industry with such a disruptive set of technologies that make them powerful and sort of call 2.0

    1. Let's start with a smaller one Callwave, that is, just a little widget for Google homepage, yahoo!, vista and apple. It's just works! it's fast and easy: first time need a small registration procedure with a code delivered to your phone, then your msg from callwave will look like coming from your usual number, but i sent a msg with max char allowed by callwave but has been splitted up into 3 sms. they have a free plan  up to 5 sms a day but a still struggle for more... meanwhile the people at Callwave are working on a premium version able to send more sms.

    2.  plays  a role in the syncing thing, making possible store remotely all contacts, calendar and messages from most Nokia phones. It's useful the ability to add contacts from the web interface and import your Google calendar into Zyb, then sync it with your phone to have your gcal events show up in the standard calendar application in Nokia's phone. U can even send your SMS to a back up service number which take care of all your data and stores everything in your account. Just a complain is the lack of SMS editing and export function, that is, could be useful put down text through the web interface, export and send by the phone; then export as plain text locally as personal archive, but the overall concept and design has been made easy to use and reliable.
    3. When talking about international calls here I found out many services, some weird, some just to difficult to keep up with, but most of them still require a phone and a computer with network in the nearby the get working; the basic is making international calls cost as local ones. Jajah simply asks u to put in the web interface your number and friend number, click call and wait ringing your phone: still need a computer with network in the nearby. Rebtel instead assign a rebtel number to your contacts, thus using these numbers to call friends and let apply just local fares.
    4. Next for Skype lovers here a way to stay in touch with your contact there on the run: an interesting app for smart phones named soonr, that by the way sync hard disk content creating an access through mobile client. With Soonr the home computer acts as private phone operator forwarding calls on skype, so needs a computer running skype; pay to phone your skype account from the mobile.

    emails, what do they offer?

    Beside the wonderful daily service being provided by Gmail, there are some interesting things making email a real complete system of messaging. Anyway ill stick a bit at Gmail cos even that system could be tweaked a lot thanks to Google API. the main sources of customizations are and where lots of JS code is hosted; the only requirements are Firefox and the Greasemonkey add-ons.

    here a list of JS for Gmail:

    1. Gmail Macros
    2. Gmail Colorizer
    3. Gmail Filter Assistant
    4. Gmail Header,Navigation and Ads Switcher
    5. Gmail Customize
    All the JS listed above come from cos I haven't dug enough into where it's more likely find CSS layout as well.

    Next im gonna talk about anonymous remailer as an option for private anonymous communications; the tools needed are a PGP crypto utility and a public key from a remailer service. First type in your msg and add a header with destination address and encrypt this text with remail public key; then send this encrypted text to the remailer which will take over the email decrypting and sending without any tracks in the header. This way there's lack of replying ability but is the safer method. Otherwise there're Pseudonymous remailer which simply takes away the email address of the sender, gives a pseudonym to

    the sender and sends the message to the intended recipient (that can be

    answered via that remailer). (source: wikipedia)

    next there are not so useful tools but still worth of mention like mailboxes without any password required, that is, public mailboxes handy when not want to put your email in a registration form but still have the ability to check and register. plus it's a smart way to gives away 'your' email to people you don't fully trust, can even think a nick in the very moment you write it down for someone!

    Last, whenever wants to keep secrets, as not spreading your mail to not intended fellows, a tool comes in aid: ever heard about Mission:Impossible? hehehe yeah self-destructive email! U set up time count-down like 30 sec then the email when opened by recipient lasts after 30 seconds! firing up through an animated GIF! it works converting text into a GIF hosted by bigstring servers which triggers as u set up. people at offers a way to keep editing ability even on sent emails.

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    the definitive solution for browser shortcuts

    YubNub able to accept hundreds of commands without adding any key before. The interface resemble that found in standard bash command line; for instance there're commands like "ls" returning a list of commands and "man" to call manual pages searchable with ease through embedded searching feature. mainly YubNub should be employed this way: say to make a currency conversion, so first of all I had simply to type in in the address bar a query (in this case 'currency conversion' should be ok), after the 'ls' (list commands) operator. Then the results show up and, let's say, I pick out a command called 'xe', now I need to look at the synopsis to figure out how input data, so type 'man xe'. As I understand how the command work, it's time to make a regexp to query: in this case 'xe' make currency conversion as needed and data must be input in this pattern; xe -amount 10 -from USD -to EUR. It looks like working on a linux bash shell but online. Anyway whenever we need social bookmark to get synched across a bunch of computer why not do the same for shortcuts? Plus the online platform make possible for developer to create and update new extensions while the already set up hotkeys are so comprehensive that most useful commands are ready to be deployed. Moreover people have built a lot of extensions for desktop OS, considering always multi platforms issues when coding. concluding it's even a trusted source of reference sites and search engines. The only complain is a lack of management for all the commands that sometimes looks just like clones of the same command or simply link to a personale page, of course

    Rediscover how reading news

    After TechCrunch covered the best (or ones of the best...) web 2.0 app out there I thought back to how I use to get fresh information from the web and, as for everything else, keeping up is always required.So far Rojo was enough to deal with all the feed subscriptions while the social layer provides tagging and rating system helping discover stories and store them. meanwhile I still point my browser to rojo daily but now i move even on to other services. I recover suddenly to look around Digg since when I had used to the service, was mainly technology centered and discussed anything else with poor coverage.By now it's a grown service that streamline the process of news picking with readers acting as editors as well; moreover the feedback system offer the ability to create threads of comments as seen in forums.these two piece of software help track your feeds( while keeping an eye on what people think of it, this way people may easier run into some interesting feed never heard before, then subscribe and keep track of news;the latter instead is something like a gate collecting any kind of stuff worthy to be known and when they really worth some visibility, being praised by sticking on the homepage for a while. They both deploy social layers to filter what publish on their homepage but therefore being an active user means spend time editing posts, tagging, and digging/mojoing headlines. Another family of service have an opposite approach to filtering, that is aggregation through a bot scanning the web for trusted sources and doing so looking at how much a blog post or news post is linked by others. This way a post with a lot of trackbacks is rightly considered popular, therefore ranked in the popular news; the most popular ones reach the homepage making all the process human-free and very accurate since many times news need a day more to show up in mainstream news channels. By the way I'm talking about Techmeme on cutting edge of tech, Memeorandum for politics and Wesmirch as gossip homepage.

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    sometimes chatting is addictive

    last few months i missed to keep up with the latest nitty-gritty software available for symbian platform so last few weeks I made up for lost time. first the phone firmware had to be updated only by retailers therefore taking up weeks just for a 5 minutes job. anyway the most interesting part cover the software i found out: the new version of opera for mobile phone finally bring a decent internet experience on phones as I tested it for a while by now there's almost no complain regarding how they can make do so nice with an average hardware package close to what we can find on fifteen years old tower computer (I'm looking at 2nd generation UMTS phones and nokia 6630 in particular). besides the old set of weird programs like screenFTP, a nice piece of software able to convert files/text into sequence of jpeg files easy to catch by the built-in camera that every cameraphone bears, there is a lot more for mobile users now. I mean the clients provided by google for instance, gmail have close functionality compared to the standard web interface and gmaps is a good option for those like me who yet dont carry a gps...I miss a Gcalendar client as well since it's my favourite online calendar and synching is not like a charm sometimes: thanks to developer of now there's a simple way to backup contacts and calendar entries even if they are still working on two way synch with Gcalendar, the interface is clean on i look at the mass of potential user of kinda online tool. Last words I wanna spend in this post are up to a geeky service provided by danish people who make possible to log into MSN with the standard IM client found in symbian phones. they set up a server which work as a static point for user login and status while on the move. works pretty well as tested for a few thumb chats last month. they can be found at and I hope they set up a english version in the meanwhile since danish isn't so painless to translate in some bot. Recalling the title here, chatting have a new way to be addictive everywhere, whenever possible.

    Monday, January 01, 2007

    about blogging

    I'm always on line, during the last year even i was, but sometimes simply the web doesn't fit, in particular a blog, for certain stuff people had better hold thoughts for themselves...anyway I'm back again as i kicked off, that is by the flock browser. I should say that geeky people and simple users shall enjoy a fully web 2.0 browser for a truly web 2.0 experience without mid-high knowledge of cutting edge on line technology. For instance I wonder whether i discovered flock or first, however thinking about the everage user it's likely to be flock the simplest way to figure out settings for social services in a single place. there're complains too for example features have not the same feedback as the firefox plugin does have, i mean when tagging there's no total items tagged count, which helps pick out the best consistent tag in a collection(besides that built-in is totally outdated in how it milk the API). Features like photosharing were good when flock launched however by now people demands a more cohomprensive file sharing service supporting any file type (I have in mind something close to allPeers, the firefox plugin)......nonetheless i was not interested by reviewing flock in this post!!but as im here Ill end up this review talking a lil about the wonderful search feature built-in: that's a reason why migrate from firefox in my opinion. I'd really like to see more services embedded into the searching results and now im thinking at more integration with advanced bookmarking services as furl and kaboodle along with see a good karma around this project and the best browsing experince is already here....just to be made up few steps further.