Sunday, August 12, 2007

managing a project online

it's a while by now I'm looking for a online solution able to do more or the same as creating Gantt charts, sending emails, sharing spreadsheets and docs.
so far I found wikis the best replacement for word docs as they are actually made for collaborations.
Meanwhile typing I'm trying out; they offer wysiwyg editor and many plugins for chatting, calendar and so on
Zoho wiki doesn't have plugins but a nice sidebar housing  navigation, recent changes and most important a wiki's links index sorting out all links posted in the wiki.
Writeboards, a satellite service, does what the name suggests; there's nothing about advanced features and wysiwyg editor; but Writeboards are even embedded in Basecamp project therefore easier to access from project homepage.

But this post was about online project managment so, here they are:

Basecamp has all the features but not specific date/time settings for tasks and i don't like how render the overview and upcoming activities.

Zoho just lacks an embedded wiki to be quite perfect; i like how task, milestones and dashboard are organized, like in a real Gantt. they also offer private forums and meetings manager in the 'social' side.

Goplan seems programming oriented but it is well packed for anyone; the important limitation on free accounts is 4 team member while others give unlimited.

my personal choice combines to keep up with tasks and people, with to track progress, report, knowledge base.

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