Friday, April 28, 2006

uncle's hardware

i figure out two choices upon this:
  • Sell my desktop, therefore replace it with new hardware for me(budget->350+400=750)
  • find out a used or new desktop either mac or win affordable for my uncle(up to 500)
thinking of upgrading my desktop anyway, i'd better trade it with my uncle as it still reach a good value.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

flash in a open environment...

it's about a week that i've been dealing with osflash focusing on figure the best workflow on the way.
That's getting me bored when i'd got to carry out the basic set up of a ant build file, which implied a basic knowledge of java to take over ant build tool. Well now im able to say i can get on an automated building process through that.
About coding Actionscript, now im studying in depth the Natural Entry point method explained well by the great people at
It's simpler since i needn't "static main function" as entry point anymore neither Registration method used before to assimilate the target movieClip to the root(stage),plus im able to load external file through the frame(as a *.fla) provided by *.xml file compiled via swfmill; to get the whole thing done i simply -clip import- the mtasc compiled classes into the swfmill file, therefore:
compile all classes in a file,
then compile the xml with swfmill (keeping in mind to import the classes' swf file into it). It's done!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Technorati Tags How to's

To associate a post with a Technorati Tag all you have to do is tag your post by including a special link in the body of your post. For example:
<a href="" rel="tag">[tagname]<a/>

The [tagname] can be anything, but it should be descriptive. Please only use tags that are relevant to the post. You do not need to include the brackets, just the descriptive keyword for your post. Just make sure to include rel="tag".

You do not have to link to Technorati. You can link to any web page that ends in a tag - even your own site! For example, these tag links would also be included:
o <a href="" rel="tag">iPod</a>
o <a href="" rel="tag">Gravity</a>
o <a href="" rel="tag">Chihuahua</a>

Once you have posted the tagged post, there are two ways to have your post included on a Technorati Tag page:

* If your blog software is configured to ping Technorati, congratulations! You're done!
* If your blog software does not support automatic pinging, or if you haven't set it up yet, or if you're not sure, you can manually ping us here. You might also want to configure your blog software to ping us automatically so you don't have to do that every time.

Your post should appear on the page in a few minutes (up to an hour during periods of intense activity). Thank you for helping to build the real-time web.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


(02:08-4/15/06) I FIND OUT WHY I CANNOT GET FLASHOUT WORKS, CAUSE I NEED TO UPDATE JAVA FROM 1.4 TO 1.5 THEN browsing on flashout website I found a video tutorial about setting up the whole thing

(10:34-4/15/06) i checked the java Virtual Machine(VM) installed and the software development kit included(SDK) and all of them meet the requirements to make FlashOUt working out well but it's not going so. therefore i think of reinstall the whole eclipseIDE which has been installed without the needed care, considering the actual circumstances.

(16:12-4/14/06)Finally i compiled ActionScript code under linux

(16:12-4/14/06)Finally i compiled ActionScript code under linux without ever touch flashIDE i passed this command to mtasc where the "'main" flag seem to be cause of success this way:

mtasc -swf /home/rah/workspace/FlashOS/build/test.swf -cp /usr/local/bin/MTasc/std -main

note: "-swf" flag- test.swf is a compiled flash file of your choice used by MTASC to "frame" the class "-cp" flag- class path means path to standard core macromedia classes(choose std or std8 for flashMX or Flash8 respectively) "-main" flag- will automaticaly call static function main once all classes are registered.

I copy the actionscript code as future reference and for its simplicity as example:
* @author */
test {
private var scopeRef:MovieClip;
scopeRef = scope;
scopeRef.createTextField("tf",0,100,100,800,600); = "Hello world!!"; }
static function main(){
var test:test = new test(_root); }

(4/13/06)I HAVE ASDT 0.0.8 WORKING ON ECLIPSE 3.1.1

(13:15-4/13/06)working with a free open source flash IDE seems to need enough skills to take over the whole workflow the most important thing is a working flash compiler apart from anything else, therefore im gonna fix this right now

OSFLAsh in progress(4/12/06)

  1. Install an IDE where host all needed tools ECLIPSE

  2. Install an ActionScript Development tool(ASDT) for ECLIPSE get it from the eclipse IDE using the update panel

  3. Install the open source flash compiler(MTASC) and link at the ECLIPSE using the preference panel

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TCP/IP tweaking

ifconfig eth0 -mtu 1412(default is 1500)
or editing /etc/ppp/option

Tuning TCP for Linux 2.4 and 2.6

The maximum buffer sizes for all sockets can be set with /proc variables:

	/proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max       - maximum receive window
/proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max - maximum send window

These determine the maximum acceptable values for SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF
(arguments to setsockopt() system call). The kernel sets the actual memory
limit to twice the requested value (effectively doubling rmem_max and
wmem_max) to provide for sufficient memory overhead.

The per connections memory space defaults are set with two 3 element arrays:

	/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rmem       - memory reserved for TCP rcv buffers
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem - memory reserved for TCP snd buffers

These are arrays of three values: minimum, default and maximum that are used to
bound autotuning and balance memory usage while under global memory stress.

The following values would be reasonable for path with a 4MB BDP (You
must be root):

echo 2500000 /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max
echo 2500000 /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max
echo "4096 5000000 5000000" /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rmem
echo "4096 65536 5000000" /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem

All Linux 2.4 and 2.6 versions include sender side autotuning, so the actual
sending socket buffer (wmem value)
will be dynamically updated for each connection.
You can check to see if receiver side autotuning is present an enabled by
looking at the file:


If it is present and enabled (value 1) the receiver socket buffer size (rmem value) will be
dynamically updated for each connection. If it is not present
you may want to get a newer kernel. Generally autotuning should not be
disabled unless there is a specific need, e.g. comparison studies of TCP
If you do not have autotuning (Linux 2.4 before 2.4.27 or 2.6 before 2.6.7) you may
want to set the default tcp_rmem value (the middle value) to a more
accurate estimate of the actual path BDP, to minimize possible interactions with
other applications.

Do not adjust tcp_mem unless you know exactly what
you are doing. This array determines how the system balances the total network
memory usage against other memory usage, such as disk buffers. It is
initialized at boot time to appropriate fractions of total system memory.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

AAC to tools please!

i post this just as memo, 'cause i'm not gonna look up the web about this issue now, maybe later, but i want to hold this task to playback some hiphop albums from iTunes store on Linux: is there a likely way that takes up minutes?

Gmail opens for all without invitation

to get a fresh new Gmail account now u just need to sign up your mobile phone number to receive a qualification code by google and sign in into Gmail. i found this way by Gtalk and i hope it is not to gain spammers spread on gmail accounts.

Monday, April 10, 2006


udgraded the internet link is not enough of course....i'm upgrading every protocol that payback in performance, in terms of downloading rates as more than 1mb/s...therefore first of all, i used to get files from dc and i set about with it: so far so good. then i have being faced the ugly side as setting up mlnet.
today, thanks to good suggestiong by worthy pals, im online and doing well on mlDonkey too.

Open Laszlo

im on linux as ususal but im rising to higher level of knowledge on this damned software that bother me all the time! well just a basic index:
  • AudioEditing(mp3 encode,edit,effects) - Audacity
  • iTunes replacement - Juk
  • Complete IRC(multi-server),ICQ,AIM,MSN,ecc support - Kopete, allinOne chatting suite
  • C++ editor with full custom coloured syntax - KWrite
  • Now i'm about to get more on Laszlo as a replacement for flash by now and as a DHTML ide in the near future

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Orari degli uffici per ritirare la tessera elettorale.
Chi non ha ancora provveduto a ritirare la tessera elettorale o l'ha
smarrita potrà recarsi al Salone Anagrafe di via Larga 12 nei seguenti

  • fino a venerdì 7 aprile: dalle 8.30 alle 19
  • sabato 8 aprile: dalle 8.30 alle 20
  • domenica 9 aprile: dalle 8 alle 22
  • lunedì 10 aprile: dalle 7 alle 15

E’ anche possibile rivolgersi alle Delegazioni Anagrafiche Decentrate.
Non è invece possibile fare riferimento, come in passato, all’Ufficio
Elettorale di corso di Porta Romana 10, attualmente sottoposto a
interventi di ristrutturazione.

Coloro che intendono ritirare le tessere elettorali
di altre persone (anche non parenti) devono presentare copia dei
documenti di identità degli interessati (passaporto, carta di identità
o patente).

Saturday, April 08, 2006


after more than twenty hours of real hard job, finally i've got it: yeah im chatting on ICQ still using the MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) which grants about 10Mb/s for both dload/upload. yeah it rocks now!
then, reporting well costs less efforts than do it over without reference(it takes to happens some broken or corrupted files or misedited my myself even), so i'll move on step by step as i can:
  1. Download install Dante Server from
  2. browse on site looking for the configuration file example provided by the developer's team(U spare a lot of troble, headache and time getting the short config), otherwise there's a full commented one in /etc/sockd.conf
  3. now u need to focus on the app layer that, through socks5 layer, is able to get services outside the MAN, that's, masking request coming from u(inside a wide lan) make possible of being seen transparency(without need to extra config by client side app) by the network
  4. Assuming u are going to run app compiled with socks5 support, otherwise u must 'socksify' the client(with a socks-client app included) to hijack the requests to the socks'es server listen port(server's bound port)
  5. run the sockd deameon and set up the target app with proxy socks5 set to ip bound to socks and port as well:when needed write down the external ip(the NAT ip) as in XChat u might do
  6. enjoy! i quote the sockd.conf, stored into /etc

internal: port = 1080
method: none
user.privileged: root
user.notprivileged: rah
logoutput: stderr

## client access rules

client pass {
from: to:
log: connect disconnect

## server operation access rules

#allow bind to ports greater than 1023
#pass {
# from: to: port gt 1023
# command: bind
# log: connect disconnect

#allow outgoing connections (tcp and udp)
pass {
from: to:
command: connect udpassociate
log: connect disconnect

#allow replies to bind, and incoming udp packets
#pass {
# from: to:
# command: bindreply udpreply
# log: connect error

#log the rest
#block {
# from: to:
# log: connect error

firefox proxy setup
XChat Firewall/Proxy setup


i've got an idea about icq.....that's not very feasible in long terms, that is, connect with the nokia as well and socksify entirely the interface(configure sockd as bound to nokia interface with an external address provided by that; then bridge the irc client with a proxy socks5 set up to send data to the nokia's sockd)

now i've socksified but irc don't work yet

i spent a lot understanding about how to manage socks5 and i still dont't understand everything but by now for sure i know i build, manage, edit and finally run a socks5 server and its counterpart a client of course, i have been socksyfing irc connection all nights but no step forward.
i had at least a tutorial to follow but on win, therefore i tried that as last chance but, at this time i studied as much about damned socketS on linux than on win it took up 5 minutes to run and see how it didn't work anyway!
ought to give up everything related to this till better solutions come from a forum perhaps.

Friday, April 07, 2006

UPDATE socks5....ok it can be handy

..but im still in trouble figure out whether or not i have to run a server or client app in enough and i've discovered a sockd deamon already installed in the sys but i ought to catch the actual commands that don't work, like sockd, dante(the project's name also refers to website)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

socks5 a internet protocol that im wondering the porpouse.....

after upgrading my net link up to 10Mb i cannot reach irc networks anymore!! looking up for an answer on the web i cannot figure out the real thing: i need a proxy to socks5 connections but so far i don't make out whether a client app is enough or whether i need to run a proxy server for IRC....

UPDATE cross platform solution to split files

well, the very cross platform app for splitted archives is for sure the most used one on Usenet server as WinRar is the tool that anyone must have to share stuff on the old style web; it's widely installed on win machine and the format is compatible with StufIt(Apple's compression utility) as well

Now im getting on everything with RAR archive format

rar a -v24000k Maya7_0-docs_en.rar Maya7_0-docs_en_US-7.0-380.i686.rpm

(create multiple rar archives up to 24MB from a rpm source file)

the cross platform solution for splitting files

LXSplit for Linux and Free-/OpenBSD version 0.1.1.
By Richard Stellingwerff.

Usage: lxsplit [OPTION] [FILE] [SPLITSIZE]

Available options are -s(plit) and -j(oin)
Splitsize examples: 15M, 5000k, 30000000b

Examples: lxsplit -s hugefile.bin 15M
lxsplit -j hugefile.bin.001

need to find a way to split big files....

what a damned thing...i've been trying with tar then pipe the output to split but no results so far.

tar -cvpSf - * | split -db 4m - test.tar.r

my public share

this is the definitive address to link at the storage service:

Pixrat needs ffox extension to get handy

i sent a feedback to them at Pixrat right now, therefore i'm gonna update soon this post with the reply

the PixRat team replay me in half a day saying, quote:
We are looking at expanding the featureset quite a bit more (RSS feeds,
tag-completion, tag-suggestion from surrounding text around the pics)
and we are prioritizing by how many users would be interested in a

well, if many of us wait for a firefox extension let them know that it's a must have feature

that's all online

  • flickr: photo through FlickrFox extension
  • UPDATE:4share(500mb-no bandwidth limit) is better the streamload(2.5Gb-100mb bandwidth) : STORAGE ONLINE
  • Stickam and Tunefeed: personal media player through widget embedded in webpages
  • UPDATE:Rojo work better than Google reader(catch up feed on Rojo & subscribe on GReader to read them): FEED READER
  • Gmail of course...
  • Blog: on & tag posts using Technorati tags searches
  • social bookmarking
  • Gifttagging: goods,products bookmarking(extracts basic infos about stuff, ex.:price,ecc..)
  • Pixrat: photo bookmarking, for photos
  • Kaboodle: create webpages based on extracts got on the fly by similar webpages
  • Furl: archive entire webpages in a browsable directory sorted by topic
  • Google Maps SmushUp: best Google Maps SmushUp(the actual link points to a map of my countryside)
it's surely better than StreamLoad as free account; upload filesize limit 25mb instead of 10mb for streamLoad but the latter has multiple upload fuature though the former has no download bandwidth limit

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

toys but not...

  1. MP3 player for my mum;
  2. hard disk for me;
  3. serial/usb ink printer for my dad;
  4. Desktop computer for my uncle;

AAAAArrrrrggghhhhh what a mess!!! I've got just a couple of places where starting looking up, therefore i'm to do without moving so much and perhaps i may look around in the best online stores such as pumpedhardware (my favourite)and in the malls in the nearby.

this blog is just a wing of my memory!

that's just a sorting list about every interesting stuff cought from the wide web or a deposit where put down broad thoughts and anything useful to call up.
It a daily service point too,that is,things and posts like 'ToDo' lists and so shopping-list, queries,paperwork memo and homework memo.

  1. useful stuff got from web

  2. memo about paperwork and homework

  3. toDo lists