Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the black jack game

im gonna upload a tutorial with all planning and brief well organized into some html pages, plus a section with source code and executables


Monday, May 22, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

how to send feedback email pressing a keyboard button(WIN)


i gonna have up to 3 remote desktop computer that need help desk; therefore im planning to set up a skype network to avoid chatting with slow typing people and then some tool that automate sending by email screen captures through a keyboard shortcut. To manage file sys samba could be enough and work great on both win,mac,linux .
Another option is Remote Desktop System, like VNC and sons; for windows and mac there's and embedded into OS tool the provide such a functionality Microsoft remote Desktop How to's

Create an automate-email feedback shortcut

ok, first of all, need to install an smtp server as service and Microsoft embed this tool in the "Internet information service" packages which is simply intalled through "Add/remove programs" panel -> Add windows components(on the left bar). Then get through set the SMTP server up for granted IP addresses SMTP server set up How to's
Ok now u have the SMTP running and able to get connected only by the local machine(the safer set up).
Here we need a tool to encode email messages with MIME type attachments(i want to send a jpeg with the email) and then a tool that actually carry off the email to the default address(me@example.com) using the SMTP server running on my machine.mpack & bmail -command line tool for DOS-
Assuming to have already Cropper installed(screen capture util), we have to write a batch file called with a keyboard shortcut to automate the whole thingBatch files FAQ
i'll put down the batch very soon to carry out this thread!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

italian soccer is the best in the world

Pairetto a Dondarini prima di Samp-Juve:«Devi vedere anche quello che non c'è» - Corriere della Sera

tra Dondarini(arbitro corrotto internazionale) e Pairetto(designatore corrotto arbitri corrotti)
Guarda ti giuro se non c'erano i giocatori della Juve che mi aiutavano io non so come finiva

Monday, May 08, 2006

C++ compiler(gcc) basic how to's

gcc works as standard compiler for many languages, but here im just focusing on command line options used by c++ language, so
follows a simple command which compile a c++ source file called 'simple.cpp' which implements elements from the Standard Template Library(STL) ;in fact simple.cpp begins including header '#include' to make use of standard objects, as streaming output and so on.
gcc simple.cpp -lstdc++ -static -o simple
-l+stdc++ -> '-l' is the prefix for calling libraries followed by the name of the library u want to include(stdc++ in this case);
'-static' tells the compiler to link against the library in static mode(at load time), rather than in dynamic mode(at runtime)
'-o' specify the output file destination(the .exe extension is added by default)

That's all, just as quick reference after months without compiling anything!!!

UPDATE (compiling in WINDOWS environment with Win32 API)

assuming want to compile under windowsXP an indipendent executable linked against standard Microsoft DLL using GCC compiler released with CygWin;
gcc win.cpp -mno-cygwin -lwin32k -o win
win.cpp -> c++ source file
-m -> hardware models & configuration -> no-cygwin -> dont link against Cygwin API
-l -> options for linking -> win32k -> DLL win32 API
-o -> output file (otherwise output to stream out)

UPDATE (avoiding include the '-lstdc++' option) & (compiling with custom header)

'gcc' command invokes just the frontend of the compiler, but if u need to compile just C++ source files, it's a best practice invoking 'g++' command insted; this way it's no more needed the '-lstdc++' option which is included by default.

When splits code in multiple files organized by headers, u need to pass the implementation file to the compiler just before the source file storing the 'main' entry point. Assuming sample.cpp the implementation file, sample_app.cpp the entry point file, the command to pass comes:
g++ sample.cpp sample_app.cpp -o sample

Saturday, May 06, 2006

test tagging (to delete)

try using technorati tagging system tag:testtag